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A Hand Up, NOT a Hand Out is the mantra of Timon’s Ministries, a day resource center serving the Flour Bluff Community since 2000 after a group of churches got together back in the late ‘90’s incorporating and finding a building to house the growing “sandwich ministry” that was initiated by St. Peter’s by the Sea in 1989. 

Today Timon’s serves hot meals averaging between 80-100 guests six days weekly.  In addition, the Crisis Pantry distributes between 3-4 tons of groceries into the local community.  Timon’s also delivers groceries to the elderly or infirm who cannot travel to the pantry.  Laundry and showers are very popular and a free clothing closet is stocked by the community and staffed with volunteers.  It is important to note that Timon’s clients are predominately the working poor. Only 19% of the clients served are actually homeless. 

Initially primarily a feeding station, Timon’s has evolved into a day resource center with a complement of health services serving not just the local community but all low/no income, non‑insured individuals. 

The William Allen Dental clinic opened in 2009.  Volunteer dentists have treated over 2200 patients from throughout the Coastal Bend.  In 2011, Timon’s began monthly eye care, providing new frames and appropriate lenses free of charge.

Family medicine was integrated in the health arm of the ministry in 2011.  The volunteer MD has over 750 charts all within the parameters of who we serve. This population often has unresolved health issues that preclude their being treated by the dentists.  If the patient has no insurance, they may be treated by the MD. 

One third of the patients are either pre diabetic or have diabetes. This led to Timon’s securing a grant from the Coastal Bend Diabetes Initiative that funds diabetes classes and better food choices in the dining room.  A grant from Methodist Healthcare Ministries funds the medicines, medical supplies, eye wear and dental supplies.

Timon’s corroborates with Mission of Mercy (“MOM”), treating their dental patients. MOM accepts Timon’s medical patients who need extended referrals. 

Other financial assistance for medicines, ID’s, birth certificates and licensing is provided. As with dental and eye care, these services are available to drug free individuals.

Timon’s is a 501c3 tax-exempt charity funded by churches, individuals, grants and fundraisers. 

Kae Berry Kae Berry, Executive Director is a retired manager from SBC.
Joe Spalik, Chairman of the Board of Directors and our Thursday Chef de Jour.
Tammy Salinas, MHMR liaison. Tammy works regularly with our clients who suffer with mental handicaps.
Wayne, from St. Bartholomew's Episcopal Church "Bubba Bees" men's group. Wayne and his Bees donate coffee on a regular basis and this summer they donated a brand new washer and dryer. The washer does clothes twice as fast as our older one.
Donald Campbell, long time Timon's volunteer and one of the original board members. Don gives of his time weekly to make Food Bank runs and other many errands.
Nina Young with Reverand Dana Hamilton, Island In the Son Methodist Church. Nina was on the original Board of Directors and has been a long time volunteer.
Marge Foster (Center) Island in the Son longtime coordinator with Larry and Jan Duford from Michigan. 
Don Cambell, Caribbean Baptist from the original bunch in ‘89 still puts in many hours each week as dining room manager, delivery boy and shopper    
Dr. Allen is credited with getting our clinic up and rollling. He spends countless hours campaigning for volunteers and working shifts at the clinic. A family affair, he is the son of Dr. William Allen and his son Chad is also a volunteer dentist.
Dr. William Allen retired and donated the majority of the equipment in the clinic. Laura Zuniga was a long time employee of Dr. Allen and an active volunteer in the clinic. 


Timon’s  assistant, Cindy Bryant,
right and dental volunteer
coordinator Adriana  Spalik  work on
schedules.  Adriana puts in over 15
hours weekly lining up staff and
doing workups before the client is
Sonja has been a regular in the
triage.  Prespective patients are
counseled to determine health
issues before glucose and blood
pressure checks.  Prior to intake,
patients are drug tested.

Dr . Charles Roberston has devoted many hours to the clinic in the last year.


Dr . Russell Borth with one of our first young patients.

Often our volunteers are giving up
their day off to help the less
fortunate.  Dr. Hunsinger is a regular
volunteer.  Carmen, who came to
the U.S. in 2009 is on duty nearly
every Friday.
Business picks up for John during tax
time, because the Weed and Seed
organization will help folks file for
free.  John is also a great resource
for some of us office sorts who
aren’t that great with technology!
Linda Wroten, left and Sue Yates load pantry shelves with groceries that will be distributed in the community.  Sue has been with Timon’s since it opened and has served on the board. Both she and Linda spend at least 2 days each week volunteering.
Long before Timon’s opened in 2000, Harold and Helen were a part of the ministry that fed homeless at St. Peter’s by the Sea Methodist Church.  They been with Timon’s since opening –Harold served on the board. We count on them to serve every Thursday.
Showing off a huge drumstick that
will get their special treatment
baked with great spice-Jeff and
Mona do their magic in the kitchen.
Mona serves on the board.  They’ve
been involved for 8 years.
John T., friend from Rotary
volunteers in the kitchen  on
Wednesdays. John whips up a mean
shepherd’s pie that is very tasty.

Margaret and George Mann have

been winter volunteers since 2001.

George passed away in  March 2007.

Margaret has continued to organize

the bi annual eye clinics that allow

clients to get jobs, drive, and read

because they can see.



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